Leon has always been a community man. He has organized several community events in sport and community development. The first basketball league which was held in Molineux, the Eastern Football League, and the Bush Football League in Ottley’s were organized by Leon. Mr. Leon Natta-Nelson not only organized these sporting events, he also played and represented his community team. He also was a member of the St. Kitt-Nevis National Basketball youth team.


I was exposed to politics from a very young age, which made me realize that political involvement is the only solution through which I can serve God and my country. Standing up for truth, justice and liberty might sound idealistic for some, but for me these things have resonated like nothing else. After all, what else is better than helping your fellow citizens achieve a state of prosperity and happiness?


Hello friend! Communication is not just important, it’s paramount if we want to ensure that our nation is running smoothly! So, this is the place where you can ask me anything, I want to know your expectations and your interests! Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible!